The Backpacker Code Rules

No backpacker gets left behind. If you go hiking, cycling or partying with a fellow backpacker, you must always return with said backpacker, unless he/she has arranged an alternative option. If you are going out in a group and there is a backpacker travelling alone with no set plans, you must extend the invitation to said solo traveller and create the opportunity for a new friendship.

You must always have your fellow backpacker’s back. If they need a wingman, you are it. If they get into a fight, you have to set off the fire alarm. If they want to pull an Irish, you must keep them from dancing on the tables. If they want to pull a Dutch, you must run alongside them when they are getting chased by Teletubbies. If they want to pull an Asian, you must have photo apps ready on your phone to post it on Instagram. If they want to pull a Brazilian, suck it up.


Sharing is caring. Instead of cooking your own meal, you and another backpacker can join forces and ingredients to prepare a meal that you both can share. It is cheaper to do so. The exception to the rule is that your fellow backpacker doesn’t want to purchase half the ingredients, help out or they eat too much. If a backpacker offers you biscuits, it would be nice if you offer them tea (not the one from the hostel; don’t be cheap) or else. If they offer you a chocolate bar, you can offer them goon in return, and so on. It’s cheaper that way and by sharing those simple things, you can also share travel stories while you eat.

Backpackers must value companionship above all. While travelling, instead of spending your time on your phone stalking your ex on Facebook and watching cat videos on YouTube, you mustn’t leave your travel buddy alone. You made a commitment to travel with that person, not with an electronic device, so explore new places with them, get over your fear of bungee jumping and take a leap with your friend, meet new people with your travel buddy, eat together, drink together, watch movies together, roast marshmallows side by side, get busted and discuss how you guys screwed up in a prison cell. The exception to this rule is when you assign a time for reading, showering and sleeping – if it applies – most travel buddies do that together anyway. 

Confidentiality clause. When you spend day and night exploring new places and living exiting adventures with your travel buddy, he/she will probably see you in not exactly your proudest moments.Your travel buddy probably knows more about you than your mother. For instance, that time you went camping and didn’t shower for three days or the time you had one too many, tried to kidnap a clown and got brought back home on a trolley. Or the day you got attacked by a koala. I bet you wants those incidents to stay between the two of you and this works both ways. If these misfortunes happen to your travel buddy, you may only discuss them with him/her. It is forbidden to share these embarrassing stories or physical proof of them happening with others without previous consent from your travel buddy. If you have embarrassing photos of your travel buddies (i.e. them sleeping while drooling), you must not blackmail them (unless it’s to get them to like your post on Indie Road – then it’s fair game). You mustn’t post those photos on social media, but keep them safe in your computer where only hackers can see them. 

Tom’s annex: thou shalt always offer a sofa to your backpacker friends in your town.

We reserve the right to change, alter, tweak or add to this list of rules at any given time.

Do you have anything to add to this rules? Please comment below.

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