Calling all Backpackers

We started this project with the intention of creating a community. While these are still early days, we would love to include you as we continue to develop and grow. Here’s how you can get involved;

– Write a post. This can be a story, a review, some advice… anything really. The theme is backpacking and travelling. Sarcasm and puns are both appreciated and celebrated. Please use the “contribute” button on the top of the website or contact us on the email listed below. We can’t wait to start posting guest contributions to the blog.

– Follow us. I’m not saying camp out on the front lawn and comment on our living room furniture arrangements while simultaneously recording the precise moments we enter and leave the front door; we have a Facebook now because we are starting to organise our lives. We are also on instagram, but Tom doesn’t yet know what an instagram is. Please follow the links below.

– Leave a comment on any of our posts. We may even comment back.

– Have a chat to us. You can ask us questions. Think of us as misguided travel agents who can’t book your flights and haven’t been to that many places yet. But hey, we might know somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody who’s cousin once got pushed in the lake at your intended destination so let’s grow this network, and we may even be able to help you ourselves, and if not we will try to get you in contact with like minded people who can. You can contact us through the “contribute” page or using any of the links below. We also respond to smoke signals with mass arson.

– Do a dance. It does nothing for us, but damn doesn’t it feel good?

We will honestly read and respond to everything that comes our way. We are not just here to entertain, we are also here to attempt to assist. If there’s any other way you wish to join in, then please tell us. We will try not to laugh too much as we seriously consider your proposals. We do not have too much experience in this yet, but what we do have is a lot of good stories, a fabulous and extensive network of people all over the globe and the hope to help somebody who needs it.

Love and peace.
Claudia and Tom @ indieroad.

Email –
Facebook –
Instagram –
Contribute page –

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