About us

Back in the 2000s, The Killers posed the question “Are we human or are we dancer?” in their song Human. Despite the tune’s timeless dance beat, this new decade has forged a new generation: the travellers, the anywhere-but-here youngsters, the adventurers, the explorers… Indie Road is a website for backpackers created by other backpackers – Tom and Claudia. Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of adventures, travelling, music, culture and shenanigans. Here you’ll find tips on backpacking, hear the craziest stories nobody else will tell you and have access to a community of travellers. 

Tom is a bohemian (he also likes Queen) Kiwi slash British stud undergoing an identity crisis. If he is not playing his ukulele or reading a book, he is probably trying to break into a campervan just to spend the night. He is the kind of person that can impress you with the wittiest and smartest thing you’ve ever heard one instant and completely weird you out the next. His achievements include breaking a world record: going from 0 to psycho in 2.5 seconds. When you read his stories, you’ll probably think he needs to get medicated, and he probably does, yet that is what makes him unique. Tom is a loyal friend: he did the ice bucket challenge even though he knew we wouldn’t follow through (his friends enjoyed seeing him shiver way too much).

  • by Claudia Cano-Manuel, CEO of Indie Road

Claudia is a sassy mostly human Venezuelan with a big heart and an even bigger love for being loud. Her hobbies include drinking, filming Dutch people in their sleep, eating ice cream, stalking Brandon Flowers and she is DEFINITELY NOT A COCAINE DEALER (why, who’s asking?). Once she took a selfie with an Asian competitively.

As two lovely polite people with horrible, horrible minds they have collectively decided to leave a dirty scar on the world of travel blogs. This is an amalgamation of stories, experiences, reviews, epiphanies, pictures and obscurities that should never have left our imaginations.

  • by Tom Sylva, CEO of Indie Road

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